How to prepare a timber fence before painting?

Timber is one of the easiest surfaces to deal with when it comes to surface preparation. In most cases a light sand with a 80 to 120 grit sand paper would be sufficient.

Fencing timbers are made of low cost treated wood and can be harsh with many chipped and damaged edges and corners. The best way is to sand the surface with a Unipro turbo sander. Use 80 grit first. Sand the fence quickly. Don’t spend too much time in one area. Try to stay consistent and get through the whole fence section by section systematically. Once you are done change the sand paper to a 120 to get a polished look finish. You don’t have to and the 80 grit would provide you with a good enough surface to apply your paint but the extra touch of the 120 grid would give you a much better polished-look surface. I personally would go that extra mile!

Once the sanding is complete, grab a rag and clean the top surface of the timer. Make sure it is dust free when you start applying the paint. You can also vacuum it if that is accessible for you. But a clean wet rag should do the trick.

The bug holes and chipped areas can be repaired with the brush when you are doing the corner cuts.

Good luck.


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